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EDU Accredited

An Intergovernmental Organization founded by the Ministry of Education

EDU, an intergovernmental organization, was established through a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education in Palau and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). This joint initiative aims to promote quality education, foster innovation in learning, and address educational challenges both locally in Palau and globally.

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Ministry of Education

EDU was founded by the Ministry of Education in Palau which is the cornerstone of the nation's educational system, dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities for all citizens. With a focus on excellence, equity, and innovation, the Ministry plays a vital role in shaping the future of Palau by nurturing the minds of its youth and fostering lifelong learning for all.


The Academy is proud to receive EDU Accreditation

Established by the Minister of Education in the Republic of Palau, an Intergovernmental Organization operates as an International Treaty dedicated to promoting quality education. EDU collaborates closely with Ministries of Education, Tertiary Level Institutions, and Recognized Accreditation Agencies. For more details about EDU, please visit the official Palau Government website

Certificate of Accrediation

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